Calpar's products mix quality and technology
aiming your soil to increase production with quality.


maquinasOne of the factors that raised Calpar with consistency and transformed the company into one of the largest agricultural lime's producer in Brazil was definitely the concern to constantly invest in technology.
Just by visiting Calpar's facilities to understand what does it really means. To produce limestone with superior quality was always the most recognizable characteristics by all producers.
aereaCalpar with its installed production capacity of 1,800,000 tons/year quarry limestone at great depths, picking a 100% neutralizing power (PN) material, finely, chemically homogeneous and guaranteed particle sizing (granulometry). Only pure rock composed by excellent chemical quality and free from impurities are able to supply this kind of ore. All this wouldn´t be perfect if we didn´t take care of the environment and that's why Calpar preserves carefully all forests around the mine, respecting the beautiful nature and the rich and almost untouched fauna.


barracaoCalpar stores the production on bins with 200,000 tons of total storage volume which ensures a fully dry product.
The respect to the drivers and to their times are also priorities: Calpar is committed to load and clear
the drivers quickly. Keeping this in mind, there are two 24 meter balances installed. Each of them is able to load until 100 tons, which enable the drivers to load the desired amount of limestone.
It is considered a material flow of approximately 14,000 tons in eighteen hours per day, including Saturdays, Sundays and Holydays. balanca
At Calpar, while the drivers wait for loading they can find a simple but very efficient structure to serve them very well. Too bad, once everything starts to become nice, they need to go loading and say goodbye. By the other side, they always come back.

Hundreds of trucks come, daily, from all parts in Brazil and Mercosul to load at Calpar. So, prompt service and product availability are fundamental factors.

calpar-cargoAbout the transportation, Calpar counts on Calpar-Cargo, which operates the material delivery sector and is responsible for the best freight quotation, free of charge to our customers. Since 2007,
Calpar expanded even more its logistic area, and now has a railroad terminal working with a flow capacity of 400 thousand tons/year.

Our land always deserves the best, but "the best" do not even means the more expensive cost.


Calpar is always tuned to the real possibilities of improvement that can upgrade the performance and
customer´s service. An example of all this care was the implementation of two systems called Calpar On-Line Representatives (C.O.L.Re) and Calpar On-Line Carriers (C.O.L.T). These systems are able to connect the representative offices and the carriers to Calpar, through a network. In 2008, Calpar was elected the "Industry of the Year" by the organization FIEP.

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