"Brazil has acid soils that will always need limestone!"

klausThese were the words said by the German Klaus Nixdorf, soil fertility expert, who strongly
encouraged the foundation of Calpar.

Calpar has been operating since January 17, 1968 and the first industry was located in downtown of Castro City - PR. At this place, dryer machines powered by wood were installed exclusively to the
friable limestone bought from other mining company.
dionisio-joseAt this time, production didn´t reach 35 tons/day. They were good times, but full of hard work. The first most important step was to call attention of those producers that didn´t correct their own land: those were pioneering times, once Brazil began to apply limestone to correct soil characteristics a little over forty years ago; to start up a new conception of production, fundamental to agricultural sector growth – as shown years later – was not that easy.

Nowadays, even the environmentalists recognize the value of limestone applications, because stimulate the vertical production, regenerate degraded areas, contribute to organic matters formation and bring multiple benefits to the environment.antiga1

In July 1970, Calpar acquired an own natural mine, exuberant, made of a compact rocky formation
and full of high agronomic quality limestone.

The second industry was built in 1972, at Morro do Cristo, near to Castro´s downtown.
Count on six own constructed mills, so soon the production achieved 1,200 tons/day. The demand didn´t stop to increase as soon as farmers began to realize the real benefit that limestone application brought to their soil.

In 1990, the third industry has been opened, completely new and barracoesmodern, next to the mine. Counting on imported mills and sieves and a covered storage, the production capacity increased to 600,000 tons/year.

In 1995, the installed production capacity achieved 850,000 tons/year, and the industry was fully at a covered area. Today, the installed production capacity achieved the amazing volume of 1,800,000 tons/year.

Calpar is always tuned to the real possibilities of improvement and consequently to our customer´s satisfaction, that´s why we adopt all conveniences that can upgrade the performance and customer´s service. balancaAn example of all this care was the implementation of two systems called Calpar On-Line Representatives (C.O.L.Re) and Calpar On-Line Carriers (C.O.L.T). These systems are able to connect the representative offices and the carriers to Calpar, through a network.

Calpar launched a new service: Calpar-Cargo, which operates the material delivery sector and is responsible for quotations, searching for the best freights to our customers, for free.

Now, the very big news is the train. The railroad terminals in the cities of Castro, Londrina,
Rolândia and Cascavel (and transshipment in Maringá) have allowed an economical option for
shipments and easer the freight deliveries. The stocks supplied by the railroad allow a flow
capacity of 400,000 tons/year.

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