Liming beneficial effects.


A highly and widespread acidity of our soils (pH below 7) takes mandatory the usage of
trucksAn acid subsoil restrict roots penetration or they are blocked to develop. For general crops development the optimum pH is between 6 and 6.5.

When soil pH is not optimum, nutrients availability to the plants become harmed. It happens because of the hydrogen concentration that block plants uptake.

An acid soil, typically, has low levels of calcium and magnesium – important to plants – and high levels of aluminum, what is toxic. In very acid soils, frequently, these problems appear at the same time.

bagWhen limestone is applied, it amends the acidity of the soil. By raising soil pH, the amendment neutralizes the negative effects of the toxics aluminum and manganese, guaranteeing the levels of calcium and magnesium that plants need and increases the availability of nutrient and micronutrient elements.

fieldCalcium is indispensable to plant nutrition. To be a productive soil, it needs a lot of organic matter and a balanced quantity of calcium. Plants intake approximately 50 k of CaO per hectare to grow.

espalhandoIn a short period of time, without a regular replacement of these losses, soil loses its productivity. Unfortunately, it still happens very often in Brazil and limestone consumption is far to be the optimum, compared to the usage of fertilizers.

Liming done with technique is an imperative practice that improves soil physico-chemical properties, aerating it and collaborating with the microorganisms activities, by increasing
phosphorus, potassium and boron uptake. Speeding decay of organic matter through liming, soil recover its fully productive capacity, better the germination and the fertilizers have its action catalyzed. Areas recovered by liming have its production increasing constantly and the profit of producers increase at the same way.


The accurate measurement of the actual lime requirements of a soil should be carried out
professionally by an agronomist engineer.

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